Why is our wax the talk of the town?

Our wax is a European hard wax which has a base that is made up of a beeswax (deep conditioning), Aloe vera (soothing) and carnauba (non sticking to skin). This type of wax is heated only to a few degrees above body temperature. This allows your technician to apply and reapply the wax as necessary and does not burn or irritate your skin. Our salon caters to both men and women, using only the best waxing products.

There are many benefits to waxing. The hair will become much finer in the texture and will also start growing less and much slower. In most cases, the hair should not grow back for at least two weeks and will continue with longer results. As long as you do not go back to shaving, the results get better and better with less hair growth and much slower growth as well. Plus we are the only place in town that uses numbing spray free of charge before your waxing service! It's our goal to make it as pain free and comfortable for you as possible!